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All PJTOOLMAKERS Unimat variable speed replacement motors are being subject to strict Quality Control inspections and tests. PJTOOLMAKERS therefore offer a guarantee for their motors.


Your statutory rights shall not be affected by this guarantee.


The warranty is offered in accordance of the following conditions:


1. Our guarantee in accordance with the following provisions (no.2 - 7) provides for the correction of deficiencies to the motors at no charge, if it can be verified to the satisfaction of the PJTOOLMAKERS Technical Department that the deficiencies were caused by a material or manufacturing fault within the guarantee period. The guarantee period begins from the time the motor is purchased from new.


2. The guarantee period for the PJTOOLMAKERS motors is 18 months for purchases made on or after 22 November 2020.


3. This guarantee does not cover:

a) components that are subject to wear caused by use or other natural wear and defects on the motor caused by use or other natural wear


b) defects caused by using accessories, components or spare parts not authorised by PJTOOLMAKERS


c) equipment to which unauthorised changes, additions or alterations have been made


d) products on which tamper evident seals indicate unauthorised access to internal parts of the product


e) products on which tamper evident seals have been removed


f) products which have been partially or completely disassembled


g) slight deviations from specified quality that do not affect the value and functionality of the product

4. Defects recognised by PJTOOLMAKERS, as being covered by the guarantee, shall be corrected either by means of repair of the faulty tool free of charge, or by replacement with the product in perfect working order. Retained motors for which a replacement has been provided shall become PJTOOLMAKERS property.


5. The guarantee claim must be lodged within the guarantee period by contacting PJTOOLMAKERS to  authorise your warranty return. Once your return has been authorised, you shall bear the costs of transport/shipping and shall carry the transport/shipping risk.  


6. Claims other than the right to correction of faults in the motor are not covered by our guarantee


7. Services provided under guarantee do not lengthen or renew the guarantee period for the motor. The above guarantees apply to motors that are bought and used in Europe.

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