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Strive to provide the best quality products and customer service.

It is our priority to impress and satisfy you with the level of quality and service we provide.

Please read the below information before making a purchase

1) We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If, for any technical reasons, you are experiencing a problem with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical department is always more than happy to help.


2) If, after a purchase of our product, a technical problem occurs and it cannot be simply solved, we either carry out a warranty repair, or issue a full refund depending how you instruct. 


3) Please make sure that any of the products' tamper evident seals are intact before asking us to authorise a warranty repair or return.

4) To attempt to limit costs of delivery, we always look for cheapest and safest ways to deliver products to you. However, we never send untracked and uninsured parcels. Therefore, shipping prices always reflect full tracking and insurance option.

5) If you are ordering from abroad (outside the United Kingdom) please get it touch first. We can always find the most economical way to ship items to your country. 

6) We can combine shipping costs. Please contact us what and how many items you wish to order. We then email you a bill with all possible discounts. You can pay it directly on PayPal account.

7) In certain, rare circumstances, we accept cheques. If it happened to you to have very limited payment options, please contact us and we do our best to help.

8) You can collect in person from Ashford, Surrey.

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Full PayPal buyer protection. Make a safe purchase!

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